Art Direction
Brand Design
Signage design
Website design
Print design
Photography credit: Tetyana Maryshko

Print: Plus Print

Signage fabrication: Reverb

Caladh is a restaurant by Brian Walsh and Paul Foley, in Greystones Co Wicklow.

Brian and Paul came to me with an idea that they had been dreaming up for many years and a desire to create a remarkable dining experience.

The first task was to find the name. I was struck by Brian’s story, that of years of training, honing of skills, building connections and friendships - he had been bringing this dream into a reality for a long time. The other strand of the story came from the restaurants location in Greystones, a town by the sea in County Wicklow. The word Caladh (cal-lah) is from the Irish Language - it means ‘landing place’ or ‘harbour’ and seemed to suit the vision perfectly - a landing place both figuratively and literally.

We wanted the branding to feel considered, calm, spacious and deeply rooted in the land. A palette of earthy greens, natural paper tones ands a pop of cerulean blue creates a restful, warm, sophisticated tone with just a little extra magic to set it all off.

Finally I collaborated with Tetyana Maryshko, who brought the visual language together with the most beautiful photography - as always taking my hopes and making them a reality.