Rachel Delap is a designer and art director based next to the sea in Wicklow, Ireland.

The Hope + Process

I think stories are really important. The things we say about ourselves, the way we think about our lives, the stories that we tell shape the way we live.

I’m very interested in your story, in the things you say about yourself and your work. I’m interested in your perspective, your unique potential and offering – no one else can do what you do, the way you do it. And there is an alchemy to that. My process starts with me listening to you, and working hard to really see you, so that I can do the work to help you to really be seen.

Each project that I work on starts with a Brand Imagined session, a 1-2 hour conversation in which I ask you a lot of questions to get towards the potential of what you’re holding. I work with you to imagine, create, and leave space to find the small surprises that let the magic of you breathe.

After this session, you’ll receive a Brand Imagined document, essentially telling you back your story as I see it, giving us a firm ground to work from.

From there the output of what we make together can vary - often I work with clients to create full branding packages before moving onto other areas of their business. The best way to start is with a conversation, so please do send me an email or pick up the phone to say hi.


+353 83 391 6398



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Brand Design
Graphic Design
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Art Direction
Interior Consultancy

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