Rachel's approach to her work was nothing short of a masterpiece. Her process was a true form of art, and any description that falls short of acknowledging that would be a disservice to the exceptional quality of her work.

Her process involved a unique ability to observe, ask relevant questions, listen deeply, exude quiet confidence, and create a brand that not only captured the essence of my vision but also seamlessly blended with my photography. Collaborating with her was an honor, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to witness the creation of a contemporary brand that truly captured the essence of my photography. Her work was not just skilled execution but a profound expression of artistry.


I dream of working with Rachel again, and loved the opportunity to see my business and brand through her eyes. Her aesthetic balances feminine softness with a cool, clean minimalism in a beautiful way very few can.

As a collaborator, she was clear, authoritative and calm, always straight up, excellent at managing expectations, and just a warm and wonderful person to get to work with. In my opinion, she’s the best there is.


My favourite thing about working with Rachel is the way she takes the time to fully understand your brand and vision. She could see exactly where I wanted to get to with my branding, to the point where she knew exactly what I was going to love, and what was going to get me excited. She has an amazing talent for being selective with the work she delivers, making the whole process smooth and enjoyable. Honestly, I cannot recommend her enough.


Last year, I sent Rachel a brief to develop branding and a landing page for my new Interior Design venture. Having worked for 20 years in creative agencies and in-house design teams, I expected the standard multiple rounds of amends before we landed on a concept we were both happy with. However, I was floored! Rachel pretty much nailed the brief first time. Everything throughout the design process, from the overall brand narrative to the colour palette and typography were pitch perfect. She also encouraged me to explore new ideas and expanded my thinking beyond my initial brief, which was a total breath of fresh air. Rachel is a uniquely talented and intuitive designer and art director. To top it off, she was a total dream to work with from start to finish. Hire her - she just gets it!

KATE LARKIN, Morning Projects

It’s hard to put into words what Rachel does, she is obviously incredibly talented and superb at her job , however her ability to literally see your thoughts and translate them into real life is a gift. I feel so very lucky to have had Rachel create one business with me and transform an existing one.

She is the essence of kindness, calm and a consummate professional.

JULIANNE WALSH, The Foliage Florist, The Studio Florist